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Load capacity:300kg

#goodlifta can be customized to meet your needs.




  • Part #

    S3160 S3190 S3220
    Mast height mm 1600 1900 2200
    Lifting height mm 1200 1500 1800
    Lifting speed mm 125mm/sec. 125mm/sec. 125mm/sec.
    IP protection IP41 IP41 IP41
    Battery 24V/30AH  lead acid 24V/30AH  lead acid 24V/30AH  lead acid
    Charging power supply 115/230VC 50/60HZ 115/230VC 50/60HZ 115/230VC 50/60HZ
    Charging time 2hrs 2hrs 2hrs
    Options Description
    口IP protection IP66
    Front wheel options Front Leg Height
    Ø80mm fixed 85mm
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