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Goodlifta Smart Lifter

#goodlifta is a pioneer in Taiwan for making electric industrial lifting solutions since 2017. We focus our development on the safe and efficient lifting needs of the Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Printing, and Semiconductor Industries. Whether you need material handling of drums, vats, reels, boxes, or crates we have modular or customized lifting tools for up to 300kg of lifting power. Once we examine your material handling needs and offer you a solution, you might find that the potential increased productivity can be achieved with a powerful lifting system from us.


Top Reasons Customer's Search for Us

1. Occupational health concerns 

2. Safety issues 

3. Reduced HR turnaround rate or sick leave 

4. Efficiency and productivity

Our team is led by experienced mechanical and electrical engineers with years of hands-on know-how to design, assemble and test your lifters to last. The team is dedicated to creating productivity-boosting material handling equipment to reduce waste, increase workplace safety and health. 

The strength of #goodlifta modular design is our quick turnaround of prototypes from simple mechanical customization to complex software updates and features. Since we do all this in-house we can maintain strict control of our quality and schedule.

Our facility is well-equipped and we have on-site manufacturing for critical component manufacture and development. Our workshop can design and build custom modules and test them immediately to arrive at optimal productivity to remove those bottlenecks in your process. The innovative design and numerous patented technologies we utilize in our lifters will drive your growth and enable your capabilities to jumpstart a new level of performance.  


Our vision is to deliver a unique material handling system that allows you to easily boost your performance, productivity and lift you to a new level of competitive advantages in this demanding time-driven environment. Check out the latest line of material lifters for boxes, drums , reels, or by industry.


Call us Today! 

+886-4-2392-7358    Optimized lifting & material handling solutions



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